Atomic Marketing Saves Ad Spend & Time With Lunio

Atomic Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in London. It helps clients achieve higher sales and profitability with Google Ads.

Over 5% savings

in ad spend

£1,500 saved

every 3 months

Atomic Marketing realized there was a problem with its client’s ad campaigns as they weren’t performing as expected. 

The agency’s joint Managing Director, Dale Powell, told us, “I had a feeling there were fraudulent clicks. It spiked in click-through rates, but conversion rates stayed the same. There wasn't the sort of growth I usually see.”

His client campaign’s lack of success began causing him stress, “You lose sleep when you're thinking, ‘Hang on. I've got a great landing page. My design has worked in similar accounts where I had 25% conversion rates. Why in this industry am I only getting 2%?’”

After implementing Lunio, his conversion rate significantly improved and confirmed his fears that many clicks were actually fraudulent.

How Lunio Helped

After a recommendation, Atomic Marketing called Lunio, and following a two-week free trial period of click monitoring, Dale’s suspicions were confirmed. 

The agency immediately signed up for our full protection and the savings started from day one.

Dale told us, “It was a case of copy and pasting a piece of code into our Google account. You can put Lunio in observation mode while the data is coming in. Then you just flick a switch to protect. The process is seamless.”

After the Atomic Marketing started using Lunio, the results were immediate. Within a month it could see the true losses its clients were facing to illegitimate clicks. 

For one client, Google claimed Atomic Marketing had £50-£100 of illegitimate clicks per month. But Lunio found it was closer to £500 a month, a saving of £1,500 every three months. 

Dale also finds Lunio’s customer service a step above the rest, ensuring he always has answers to any of his questions. 

He said, “We evaluated two other click fraud companies. But when I got a chance to speak to Lunio, the process was more seamless. And it’s the customer service you can easily get on the phone, along with the chat feature. Everyone is super knowledgeable, they know what they're talking about. For me, that was another big reason to sign up.”

“For one client, Google was saying we had £50 to £100 of illegitimate clicks per month. We actually found it was over £500 a month, which turned out to be the case for three months. So straight away we saved £1,500 with Lunio.”

Dale Powell - Managing Director

Atomic Marketing’s Success Story

Atomic Marketing is now using Lunio across all of its client campaigns. Dale told us, “I have a lot of sleep back now Lunio is built into our processes. We always recommend it to new clients, and almost every new client wants to go with it.”

With Lunio safeguarding its clients, Atomic Marketing can focus on delivering successful ad campaigns. All while illegitimate clicks are blocked in real-time.

Dale told us, “The process with Lunio was awesome. The explanation was dumbed down for us because I just want to know the top-level view. What Lunio does, how it works, how can I see the data. And now I have peace of mind that it's working.”

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