Hit Your ROAS Targets Out of the Park

Slash your CPAs and maximise advertising performance by eliminating fake touch points across Shopping Ads, Performance Max, Display and Search Campaigns.


Monthly savings in wasted ad spend


Annual savings in ad spend


Ad spend saved in the first month


Reduction in cost per acquisition

Ad Spend Protection for High-Performance eCommerce Teams


Uplift Metrics That Matter

Improve your CPA, CVR and ROAS by eliminating fake clicks and traffic.

Focus On the Right Audiences

Prevent ad algorithms from chasing fake traffic that will never convert.

Wave Goodbye to Worthless Traffic

Protect your budget from being wasted on fake clicks and traffic.

Safeguard Your Customer Experience

Lunio’s high-performance WebAssembly integration filters out junk traffic with zero impact on site load speed.

Protect Search, Display, Video, & Social

Build powerful exclusion audiences full of fake users to use across all channels.

Prevent Bad Data Collection

Generate more accurate conversion insights by eliminating non-human data from your analytics.

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