How To Claim Your Free Google Ads Promo Code

February 25th, 2021

If you’re new to the world of Google advertising and PPC ads, you’ll know there’s a lot to get to grips with.

But who says you can’t earn while you learn?

While you’re learning the ropes, there are some nice surprises along the way, such as free Google ad credit from Google AdWords promotional codes you can claim!

This Google Ads coupons offer free pay-per-click credit, giving you a head start with your first PPC campaign.

But, the big question is… how do you get your Google Ads promo code? Read on for the full details.

Where To Get Your Google Ads Coupon Code

google coupon code

Need help getting your promotional codes? Here are a few different ways you can claim your free credit, including through the google ads account creation process:


You can head straight to the search engine giant to redeem the free Google Ads credit offer. Although keep in mind where you’re from affects the URL you’ll need and how much you’ll get.

But why is Google offering these Google Ads promo codes to users? What do they get out of it?

Well, one of the main reasons is it’s a great way to get SMEs trying out Google Ads. It’s simply a way to encourage businesses to get to grips with the benefits of PPC, and offer them free google ads credit for Google Ads spend.

Are there any catches with the google ads vouchers? Well, you need a billing address in the country you plan to use the code. You can also only claim one Google Ads coupon per advertiser.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to use the code within 14 days of your first ad impression, otherwise you’ll lose the offer.

Ask an Agency

Some digital agencies are Google Partners, which means they can request a promo code directly from the search engine giant.

A strong tactic is to have a look at digital agencies in your local area and ask them for a code.

If you’re new to PPC and new to Google Ads accounts, this can provide you with a great head start, so it’s a very helpful method for small businesses. To get you started, find the best Google Ad Partners on our marketplace.

You can drop an agency a message and ask if they’re able to get a Google Ads promo code for you.

Remember, they need to be Google Partners. Look for the official badge on the agency’s site. This is what you need to keep an eye out for. To redeem your google ads promo code, visit the promotional code management page for Google Ads users.

google partner logo

You can usually find the badge in the website header or footer, either at the top or the bottom of a homepage.

Web Hosts

Many web hosting companies give out free credit to new customers. This is a nifty incentive, as it can provide small businesses with a new site and get them up and running with PPC.

Here’s a list of some of the best deals around.

Web Hosting CompanyThe Credit You’ll Get
Bluehost$100 when you spend $25
WixYou may have entitlement to a voucher when buying a business plan
SquarespaceUp to $100
WeeblyUp to $100 depending on pricing package

And these prices are correct as of Q1 2021, but can change at any time.

There are more, of course, so feel free to carry out extra research. You may come across better deals, depending on where you are in the world.

Use Google Dorks

Google dorking involves an advanced search query, which can help you find information you wouldn’t find with a simple Google search.

It’s basically advanced searching, and you can use it to find a Google promo code.

To become a dork (in a good way), you’ll first need to learn a few Google Search Operators. Plus, how you can use them.

Here are a few terms you can enter into your search bar to find your voucher: 

With this approach, you’ll find detailed search results from digital agencies, SaaS companies, and web hosts all offering coupons.

If they’re offering Google Ads credit, these granular searching tactics will dig up relevant results for you.


If you’ve got a subscription to Shopify, then you’re in luck! Any user can claim a free Google Ads voucher from within their dashboard. They do this because many users on the platform eCommerce stores and Google shopping is a great way to get customers.

To find the Google Ads promo code, be sure to head on over to the discounts section on your dashboard.

shopify google ads coupon

Just remember, Shopify will only release this voucher after you’ve paid your first invoice.

The deal is also only available for eligible countries. For a full list, here are details of Google’s promo code policies by country.

Ask a Friend

You can get by with a little help from your friends. So, ask around if they’ve signed up for a web hosting service or Shopify recently.

Or if you know anyone who runs a digital agency (or works for one) they may have a coupon but can’t use it as they’re not a new Google Ads user. That provides you with the perfect opportunity to swoop in!

This is a simple case of reaching out to someone you know and asking them for a favor.

You can do this by email, or drop them a message on their LinkedIn account.

If you’re very good friends with them, maybe even text them straight up on WhatsApp.

How Google Ad Coupons Work

how coupons work

Google Ad vouchers are only available to new users, and they’re limited to one per account as it expires after you use it.

To get your promo code, you can follow this step-by-step guide to get set up in no time.

1. Visit the Google Ads Coupon Voucher Site

The URL will depend upon where you are in the world. For example:

2. Enter your email address

Once you’ve done that, you’ll also need to tick the “I’m not a robot” box and select “Get the offer code”.

Once done, head over to your emails, where you’ll find your shiny new Google Ads Voucher

3. Head to Billing Settings in Google Ads

Once you have your voucher, you’ll need to get everything up and running in your Google Ads account.

google ads billing

Then scroll down to where you’ll find Promotions. Click on that.

google ads promotions

That’ll take you through to a billing sign-up page. If you haven’t already entered your payment details for an account, you can do that now.

4. Enter your Promotional Code

add promotional code

After that, you’re all done and ready to roll.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Again, just remember there are a few terms and conditions going on.

This promotion is for new users only, you can’t use multiple vouchers over and over. It’s one per account.

You may also need to spend money to receive your coupon. For example, $50 to get $50 back. This depends on your promo code and where you are around the world.

Google Ad Grants

google ad grants

But Google Ad coupons aren’t the only way to get free credit for your PPC campaigns.

The Google Ad Grants Program allows nonprofit organizations, and registered charities, to advertise at no cost.

The special funding scheme is for 501(c)(3) (tax-exempt) nonprofit organizations. That’s for the US, but your country will have an equivalent.

You can easily apply for a Google Ads Grant.

If you’re successful in your claim, you can spend up to $10,000 per month, all year round, as part of your search campaigns. All free of charge!

Your eligibility falls into two categories:

  1. You can claim a grant: If you’re a nonprofit organization or charity.
  2. You can’t claim a grant: If you’re an academic group hospital, medical group, school, or university.

Making the Most Out Of Your Promo Code

If you’re up and running with your coupon and ready to rock, how can you make the most of your free credit?

Here are some top tips to help you manage your budget:

Pick the Right Keywords

Choose suitable search terms for your target audience. You want your ads to trigger relevant prospects, so they click on your advert.

 Here’s a guide to Keyword Planner to help you make the right choices.

Research Search Volume

It’s crucial to choose keywords that bring in traffic. And search volume (SV) can determine this.

There’s usually no point running keywords that three prospects search for each month.

Instead, look for the terms that gain a lot of monthly searches as this can maximize ad potential.

Research Cost Per Click Estimates

CPC estimates show you how much it’ll cost you each time a user clicks on your ad.

High search volume generally leads to a high CPC, so you’ll lose your budget faster by bidding on popular keywords.

So, before targeting high CPC keywords, make sure they’ll be profitable for you. Need help there? Here’s our guide to allocating PPC spend.

Run Ads At Specific Times

You don’t need to have your PPC ads running 24/7. With Google Ads, you can choose when to run (or stop) your campaigns.

Having a timeframe in mind will help your ads appear to prospects at the most profitable times.

Use Device Targeting

Low-cost items are usually bought on mobile, while high-cost items are bought on desktop. This means you can target ads by device to maximize your budget, depending on the product.

Don’t forget, you need to write high-quality PPC ads to make sure you can gain clicks from relevant prospects who are looking to buy.

And in the long-term, you need to manage your Quality Score in Google Ads to continuously build on your campaigns’ success.

Claim Your Google Ads Promo Code Today!

You’re all set! We hope this guide has motivated you to head off online and claim your free promo code.

It’s an excellent opportunity to get to grips with the world of PPC, with a discount early on to reach your target audience.

That’s the first step. What follows as you ramp up your campaigns is more relevant traffic and higher conversions.

And it can all start with a coupon!

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