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lunio product dashboard
lunio product dashboard

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End wasted spend. Save up to 20% of your advertising budget by automatically excluding fake ad engagements across Google, Performance Max, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Forward-thinking marketers use Lunio to eliminate fake ad engagement

The State of Advertising

Invalid Traffic is a Marketing Black Hole

Invalid traffic is a marketing black hole. Because fake clicks never convert, they instantly reduce return on ad spend. And their distorting influence warps analytics, making the path to greater profitability harder to navigate.

Lunio was built by marketers, for marketers to eradicate this problem by concentrating 100% of advertising budgets on real people with genuine conversion potential.

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how lunio works

Enhanced Targeting Signals

Feed optimisations with accurate data

user sources

Unknown Users

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lunio dashboard

Real Users

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Post-Click Data

To optimise for real buying signals


Fake Users Excluded

Excluded through IP and Audiences

1. Capture Advertising Data

Capture ad traffic data to generate powerful exclusion audiences across all platforms.

2. Analyse & Filter Bad Data

Block invalid traffic to protect your budget and stop fake interactions distorting campaign data

3. Learn & Evolve

Analyse post-click traffic behaviour and conversion data to continually improve audience targeting.

End Wasted Spend

Use Lunio to spend smarter, not harder. Stop paying for clicks that never convert, break through revenue plateaus, and make faster progress towards quarterly targets.

End Wasted Time

Wave goodbye to cross-checking data to identify fake conversions and eliminate spam leads so your sales team can focus their energy on real prospects.

End Data Distortion

Make better decisions with accurate marketing data. Lunio reveals fake data points and excludes invalid traffic from your campaign reporting.


Annual savings in ad spend


Increase in ROI using Lunio


Decrease in advertising costs


Reduction in cost per acquisition

The Lunio Difference 新幸运飞行艇官方开奖网站下载-168飞艇全国统一开奖直播-下载168飞艇官网开奖历史记录

By Marketers, for Marketers

Invalid traffic isn’t a security problem. It’s a marketing problem. Lunio is designed to provide full protection across your advertising stack by pairing audience-led exclusions with IP blocking.

Analyse One, Protect All

Fake traffic is instantly blocked on the channel it’s detected on, and data identifying the source of the invalid click is used to populate exclusion audiences across your other ad channels.

Immediate Time-to-Value

As soon as Lunio protection is switched on via our one-click integration, fake traffic is automatically identified and blocked thanks to billions of stored click data.

What our Customers have to Say

Driva Boosts Conversion Rates with Lunio

Driva delivers personalised, pre-approved car loans from over 30+ lenders in as little as 60 seconds.

“The two things I really love on the dashboard are the Re-Allocated Budget tracking, and the Traffic Health Uplift score. When I combined those metrics with the recorded cost savings from blocking invalid clicks, it was easy to demonstrate value. The savings we were making each month far exceeded the cost of the subscription.”‍

Declan Flaherty

Digital Marketing Manager

Rated a G2 Leader. Again .