Partner With Lunio: Let’s Grow Together

November 2nd, 2021

We’ve updated the Lunio Partner Program to provide even better benefits and greater revenue growth opportunities! 

The changes we’ve made are specifically designed to help accelerate business growth for digital agencies and consultancies around the world – from Tokyo to Texas. 

By partnering with Lunio in the fight against fake traffic, you’ll give your clients more value for money while earning 20% lifetime commission on their annual ad spend. 

They save. You earn. And we all grow together. It’s a win-win-win. 

Plus, we’ve got plenty of other benefits and perks to help you stay ahead of the competition. 

So let’s unpack everything you’ll get when you join us. 

How Does It Work?

First, the practicalities. Here’s how the Lunio Partner Program works: 

  1. You introduce clients to Lunio and educate them on the benefits of blocking fake traffic. 
  2. Lunio compensates you for all clients that become paying customers post-intro. 
  3. Lunio supports your education efforts with free traffic audits, sales decks, & case studies. 

Simple, right? Now let’s get down to brass tacks. 

What’s the Payout? 

Lunio’s Partner Program operates on a two-tier system: Lunar and Galaxy. 

Lunar is for referred clients with an ad spend of less than a million per year. 

Galaxy is for referred clients spending more than a million per year.

The 1M benchmark applies across a range of core currencies – £, $, €, and AUD. 

As standard across both tiers, we’ll pay out a 20% share of the annual revenue generated from every client you successfully refer to Lunio. 

But with Galaxy, extra one-off payouts are provided when the annual deal value exceeds £10k+ 

  • £1k paid once Lunio tracking/tags are implemented. 
  • £3k paid once end of trial meeting takes place (w/ Lunio, agency, and client on the call)

We only stop paying you when the client you’ve referred stops using Lunio. Even if that client stops working with you, as long as they continue using Lunio, we’ll keep paying you.

It’s our responsibility to bring our clients the best-in-class technology to optimise their media buying performance and efficiencies. For clients that have implemented Lunio, the removal of fake traffic is delivering more efficient use of spend and supporting testing on new ad platforms to acquire additional customers.

Claire Burgess

Director of Delivery, Incubeta

What Are the Extra Benefits?

Money is important. But our Partner Program isn’t purely transactional. We care about environmental sustainability. We focus on content-driven growth. And we want to forge lasting relationships with businesses that share similar priorities and ambitions. 

Convert Clicks Into Trees   

We’ll carbon offset the effects of processing traffic for your referred clients by at least 10x. Working in partnership with Ecologi we’ve already planted hundreds of thousands of trees in forests around the world – supporting vulnerable communities & habitats in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Kenya. 

The more clients you refer to Lunio, the more trees we plant on your behalf.

Lead-Sharing Opportunities

Collaborate with us on performance-marketing focused webinars, guest blogs, joint campaigns, physical events, and more. All leads generated are shared. It’s just a matter of finding a topic that benefits both our brands, and delivering tangible value to the right audience. 

Protect Your Own Ads For Free

By joining the program, all your own ads are protected by Lunio on all platforms completely free of charge. Wave goodbye to wasted spend and run client-acquisition campaigns with confidence knowing your ads are protected against fake engagements and invalid traffic.  

Why Lunio?

We’ve been named a G2 Leader in the Click Fraud Software category for four consecutive quarters. Continually responding to feedback and making the changes our users want to see is what keeps us at the top of our industry. 


Hundreds of agencies already use Lunio to manage multiple accounts from one login with nested campaign-level administration and MCC reporting.

Block Fake Traffic Everywhere 

Lunio supports all major ad platforms – Google (including PMax), Meta, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, and many more. Fake traffic is instantly blocked on the channel it’s detected on and the threat data is used to populate exclusion audiences across all other ad networks.

Detect Fakes With Pinpoint Accuracy

Lunio uses hundreds of millions of data points to identify traffic anomalies that bypass other legacy bot prevention solutions. We block bots, not humans.

Built For Privacy-First 

Set your clients up for success in a privacy-first web. Use encrypted click data to help them generate customer insights without relying on third-party cookies.

Grow Revenue With Expert Guidance

Work with your dedicated Partner Manager to expand your PPC service offering, perfect your pitch, and maximise the extra revenue you generate with Lunio.

Hit the Ground Running

Get up and running quickly. Your Partner Manager will give you all the training and resources you need on day one to start earning commission right away.

Let’s Work Better Together 

Sounds like a good fit? Boost client ROAS and open up a new predictable revenue stream by becoming a Lunio Partner today. 

Our Partnership Starts Right Here

Win more business, differentiate your service offering, and accelerate your growth trajectory.

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