Lunio Celebrates Growth With the Launch of Manchester HQ

May 31st, 2023

We celebrated the official opening of our new Manchester city centre office last week. And what an evening it was! 

Having gone from a six-person office three years ago to a beautiful new space fit for 100+ people, the event was a significant milestone in our ongoing journey. 

It gave us a chance to celebrate the customers, partners, and team members who have contributed to Lunio’s growth and momentum over recent months. Our CEO, Neil Andrew, said: 

“I feel very grateful to have made this big step in our current economic climate – but not lucky. ‘Lucky’ disregards the careful planning, the meticulous focus on the bottom line, and the hard work of our entire team to keep the business in healthy, steady growth.

“The move signals the next stage in our scaleup journey. It allows us to do so many things we haven’t been able to do so far, such as regular meetup events, have a more collaborative working environment, and also retain extra space for future growth.”

Working in partnership with workspace advice specialist Level, we found our ideal new home on the fourth floor of Hyphen Building on Mosley Street in the heart of Manchester.

The build and design of the space was co-managed by our COO, Segev Hochberg, and Head of Creative, Macauley Zarrentino. On the opening of the office, Segev said: 

“Our goal is clear – we’re building the leading B2B SaaS startup in the North West. We’re showing that scaling a successful business doesn’t require you to be stuck in London.”

Macauley went on to add: 

“Starting with a completely blank canvas, we looked at numerous floor layouts, room options, and many different design choices. So we’re proud to have built a new HQ which fully accommodates the needs of our entire team so they can deliver their best work.” 

Driving marketing efficiency is at the heart of what we do, and that was reflected in the theme of the opening event. We wanted to do our bit to help strengthen the sense of community and knowledge sharing within Manchester’s tech scene. 

As well as giving attendees plenty of time to chat, explore the new space, and enjoy some delicious food and drink, we hosted a series of four efficiency-focused talks from prominent names in the industry. 

Meet the Speakers 

Here’s a quick rundown of the themes covered during the evening’s talks:

Justin Clark: Why the North Deserves Better

Justin Clark is the Founder of SocialNorth, a networking event bringing together the digital communities based in the north of England. He’s one of the UK’s leading social media experts with more than 15 years of industry experience.

During his talk he focused on his ambitious vision which led to the creation of SocialNorth. Long overlooked by investors and founders, he was driven to celebrate and showcase the brilliant businesses and the exceptional talent based outside London. 

Justin emphasised the fundamental importance of digging into the “why, what, and how” of your business to fuel success. Maximising marketing efficiency is impossible until you’re crystal clear on the messaging and overall positioning you’re bringing to the market. 

Yoann Pavy: Startups Have to Be Efficient if They Want to Win 

Yoann Pavy is the CMO of Nude, a savings app specifically designed for first-time home buyers. Previously, he was one of the first performance marketers to be hired at Deliveroo, and also helped rapidly scale user acquisition at Depop. 

During his talk he explored the evolution of paid social ads from 2014 to today, with reference to highly successful campaigns he launched at Deliveroo. He pointed to the fact that the best performing ads tend to be those that don’t obviously look like ads – they look like content created by a friend in your network. 

In terms of efficiency, Yoann explained why it’s best to double down on one or two marketing channels that perform best for your business. Trying to run successful campaigns across lots of different platforms spreads your resources thin and can cause you to lose sight of what’s actually moving the needle in terms of revenue generation.

Fiona Bradley: The Mistakes Butchering Your Ad Budget

Fiona Bradley is the Founder of FB Comms, a marketing agency specialising in organic and paid social content. She was named Social Media Business Woman of The Year 2023, and has worked on campaigns for Coca-Cola, the NHS, Rolex and many more.

During her talk Fiona covered 8 common mistakes businesses tend to make when investing in paid social advertising. These included overly branded creative, ignoring organic social strategy, only selecting obvious targeting criteria, relying too heavily on automation, and more. 

To address each mistake, Fiona gave actionable tips and advice to boost authentic ad engagement and drive down your cost-per- acquisition. You can find all the tips and more in Fiona’s chapter of our free and ungated Performance Marketing Efficiency Playbook

Get Lunio’s Performance Marketing Efficiency Playbook 

Ric Moylan: Why Less Is Often More 

Ric Moylan is a Performance, Wellness, and Resilience Coach who has worked with multiple world champion boxers and olympic athletes throughout his career. He has an MSc in Strength & Conditioning, and has delivered coaching workshops for the RAF and UK Police Force. 

During his talk Ric explored the many parallels between high-performance sport and business. For athletes, adequate recovery is just as important as intense training. And in business, the cultures that succeed long-term are those that encourage small but meaningful non-negotiables for everyday health and wellbeing. 

He went on to challenge the conventional notion that resilience is all about being a “tough guy”. In reality, it’s more about knowing how to take care of yourself and being strong enough to make wise decisions throughout daily routines, like keeping your phone outside your bedroom when going to sleep. 

Driving Marketing Efficiency Across the Globe

Given the current economic climate, many brands are having to adapt to less budget, reduced headcount, and fewer shiny new tools. But revenue targets remain as ambitious as ever.

So in this context, efficiency is the key to success. And Lunio will continue to help more and more businesses around the world eliminate wasted ad spend from their ad campaigns. 

Our overarching vision is to unlock the ability for every digital advertising interaction to drive real engagement with real people. And the opening of our new office marks a new chapter in our ambitious growth plan to become Manchester’s next Unicorn brand 🚀

Huge thanks to all our guest speakers and attendees for making the evening one to remember!

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