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FBA Calculator: Amazon Shipping Calculator

Get domestic & international freight rates for shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses, using live data from global freight companies with our FBA calculator.


Use this Freight Rate Calculator to get instant freight estimates for ocean and air shipments, based on the port that’s nearest to your Amazon FBA warehouse location.

How are Amazon FBA Fees Calculated

Calculating potential Amazon FBA freight costs? This Amazon FBA shipping calculator returns shipping estimates from supplier address, or nearest port, shipping directly to Amazon fulfillment centers. This tool is perfect for freight forwarders. Not shipping to an Amazon warehouse? Use our general freight rate calculator. Check estimated transit times with our freight transit time calculator. Find a list of Amazon FBA Fulfillment Centers with this map of Amazon FBA warehouse locations.

Pro Tip: Get international and domestic freight estimates for shipping to other destinations here.

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How to Estimate Amazon Freight Rates

  1. Select whether you are shipping full containers or boxes/pallets.
  2. Enter your load dimensions, weight, quantities, origin, and Amazon fulfillment center.
  3. Search!
  4. Want to book? Select the “Find and compare quotes” button

About the Amazon FBA Shipping Calculator

Use this Amazon FBA Calculator, specially designed for Amazon FBA shipments, to calculate shipping costs from your supplier’s factory to an Amazon fulfillment center location. Amazon has strict requirements regarding international shipments and Freightos has built these requirements into its quoting process.

Unlike any other freight rate estimator, Freightos’ freight rate calculator and Amazon FBA calculator use real freight data to calculate instant, all-in freight quotes, including surcharges and freight costs. This calculation takes into account dimensional weight. Our data is based on live freight rates from dozens of global freight forwarders, helping us provide you with accurate, real-time quotes.

What’s Included in the Amazon FBA Shipping Calculator

The Amazon Shipping Calculator includes all fees and surcharges available for trucking, air and ocean shipping. It does not include customs duties associated with specific commodities. Since this estimator is unique in that it relies on live data from real freight companies, it may not have global coverage for every route you search.

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